Even though we offer a range of different materials and colours, our many years of experience in this field enables us to help you make the right choice for your particular needs. Our advice is free, and a brief consultation before you make your final decision is always recommended.  

Once you make an initial enquiry we will contact you to discuss any specific requirements you may have before providing you with an estimate for producing your boat cover (which includes fitting). Upon receipt of your deposit, we will visit your boat at its mooring to take all necessary measurements. Our staff will then make you a boat cover  you can be proud of.  Please note-we operate a 40 mile maximum road travelling radius of our base in Braunston Marina, Northamptonshire.

* All wear points are reinforced to prevent wear-through.

* Outer edges are bound where appropriate to prevent tearing.

Please call in  during office hours of  Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.   If you are travelling to visit us,  please call or email in advance so we can be sure that the office will be open during these times, occasionally we are called out of the office to assist with quotes at boat side.

Bow Covers 

Less expensive than a cratch cover, the bow cover serves its purpose admirably. 

We'll let you decide whether or not you want a large window in the front.

Cratch Covers 


This photo shows a double-zipped cratch cover with 

additional scalloped edge in red trim .

Single-zipped covers are available either with or without windows and/or window covers. 

Whatever your requirements, you will find that we are experienced in helping you to reach a decision on what will best suit you and your boat.

Cruiser Covers 

An extremely efficient cover to weatherproof your entire seating area when the boat is not in use, or alternatively, remove the side panels to use as a sun shade when you are out and about or to keep the rain off, depending on the weather.

Pram Types

Semi trad pram type cover.

Stern Covers 

As each boat is individual, the system of securing the cover can vary from boat to boat. However, you can rest assured that each fitting point is carefully chosen to provide optimum strength to ensure the full benefit of the cover, and to prolong its active life.

The photo shows a One-Part Cruiser Stern Cover, an ideal solution for complete weather protection when the boat is not in use. 


AJ Canopies will always help with repairs on our own covers and would usually ask for the repair to be brought to our unit where it would be worked on. 

We also stock a variety of canopy accessories for the D.I.Y boaters amongst you.