Boat Covers

Even though we offer a range of different materials and colours, our many years of experience in this field enables us to help you make the right choice for your particular needs. Our advice is free, and a brief consultation before you make your final decision is always recommended.

Once you make an initial enquiry we will contact you to discuss any specific requirements you may have before providing you with an estimate for producing your boat cover (which includes fitting). Upon receipt of your deposit, we will visit your boat at its mooring to take all necessary measurements. Our staff will then make you a boat cover you can be proud of. Please note-we operate a 40 mile maximum road travelling radius of our base in Braunston Marina, Northamptonshire.

* All wear points are reinforced to prevent wear-through.
* Outer edges are bound where appropriate to prevent tearing.

Please call in during office hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm. If you are travelling to visit us, please call or email in advance so we can be sure that the office will be open during these times, occasionally we are called out of the office to assist with quotes at boat side.

Quality Bow Covers for your boat

Bow Covers

front drop covers

Less expensive than a cratch cover, the bow cover serves its purpose admirably.

We'll let you decide whether or not you want a large window in the front.

Semi-Traditional Rear Boat Covers

Semi Traditional Rear Covers

Flat sheet cover to enclose the open area on the back of your semi traditional boat, fitted with a support to encourage any pooling of water to drain off the cover, these covers can extend to enclose the hatch and the runners, to help minimise any draughts and can have a door panel to cover the door area if your boat does not have doors, ideal for protection of the stern of the semi traditional boat
Custom made Narrowboat Cratch Covers

Cratch Covers

This photo shows a double-zipped cratch cover with additional scalloped edge in red trim.

Single-zipped covers are available either with or without windows and/or window covers.

Whatever your requirements, you will find that we are experienced in helping you to reach a decision on what will best suit you and your boat.

Traditional Rear Covers

Traditional Rear Covers

Durable and Easy Boat Pram Covers

Cruiser Stern Pram Covers

A bespoke rear stern walk in all weather framed cover . We design and manufacture this framed cover to give you all year round protection. An extra living area with dry storage space.
Durable and Easy Boat Pram Covers

Semi Traditional Pram Covers

Custom Stern Covers, made for you!

Stern Covers

One part stern cover
Two part stern cover
Wind surround

As each boat is individual, the system of securing the cover can vary from boat to boat. However, you can rest assured that each fitting point is carefully chosen to provide optimum strength to ensure the full benefit of the cover, and to prolong its active life.

We provide:

One and Two Part Stern Covers, click below for more details.

Small cover essentials

Pigeon boxes

Pigeon boxes

Keep your pigeon box clean and tidy with a small cover in the same material as your existing boat covers. Windows will let the light in too!

Houdini hatch covers

Houdini hatch covers

Light coming through your Houdini Hatch ? Where you’d prefer it didn’t !  Why not let us cover this too! 

Side door covers

Side door covers

Need to stop draughts coming through your side door covers ? Or maybe even help to waterproof them . We have designs to help with any doors ! 

Maintenance and Cleaning.

For maintenance and cleaning of your cover please contact us for advice and to see what the latest available products are that we stock 

Quality is standard!

Quality is standard and longevity is our aim with all our bespoke fitted boat covers. All wear points are reinforced to prevent wear through. Our edges are bound where appropriate to prevent tearing . Why not choose a different colour to edge your new cover in , after all it’s included in the price!!

We will only buy products to manufacture your cover from the leading supplier of marine performance materials. Heavy duty zips are used with twin tab pullers and would be double stitched for strength and neatly finished off with a zip cover to keep out the weather.

All our windows are made from a 20 Thou pvc and have 2 lines of stitching for durability.

Window covers are usually on the outside of the window and come with turn button fittings so the window cover can be easily undone and rolled up with the provided straps.

Cruiser Covers

Cruiser Covers

Our custom cruiser covers help you enjoy life on the waterways rain or shine.

Custom Speedboat Covers

We produce specialist, bespoke covers to meet your needs.

Custom Caravan Covers!

We are delighted to help owners protect and weatherproof their caravans too!

Boat Cover Repairs


AJ Canopies will always help with repairs , and would usually ask for the repair to be bought to our unit where it would be worked on . 

Can’t make it in the week ? No problem ! Our bespoke boat cover repair service allows you to drop off or pick up your boat cover on Saturday mornings 9am to 12 noon by arrangement. 

We also stock a variety of canopy accessories for the D.I.Y boaters amongst you . 

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