Semi Traditional Rear Covers

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Here are some of the bespoke semi-Traditional rear covers that we manufacture, see also our page on Semi Traditional pram covers for the walk in all weather cruising hood. 

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semi-trad-rear-cover 10 x

Quality is standard!

Quality is standard and longevity is our aim with all our bespoke fitted boat covers. All wear points are reinforced to prevent wear through. Our edges are bound where appropriate to prevent tearing . Why not choose a different colour to edge your new cover in , after all it’s included in the price!!

We will only buy products to manufacture your cover from the leading supplier of marine performance materials. Heavy duty zips are used with twin tab pullers and would be double stitched for strength and neatly finished off with a zip cover to keep out the weather.

All our windows are made from a 20 Thou pvc and have 2 lines of stitching for durability.

Window covers are usually on the outside of the window and come with turn button fittings so the window cover can be easily undone and rolled up with the provided straps.

Which Semi-Traditional Rear Cover is right for your boat?

The two types of semi Traditional rear covers available are , a tonneu with or without the rear doorway covered , with an included support to stop the cover pooling with water or our walk in raised framed semi Traditional pram cover.

Would you like to stand undercover , protecting you from the sun, heavy wind and rain whilst cruising?

Then the semi Traditional rear pram cover may be what you are looking for!

Or are you considering protecting the open rear area of your semi Traditional boat, either taking it off or rolling it part of the way forward whilst cruising? If so you may want to choose the semi Traditional flat sheet tonneau cover.


AJ Canopies will always help with repairs , and would usually ask for the repair to be bought to our unit where it would be worked on . 

Can’t make it in the week?
No problem!

Our bespoke boat cover repair service allows you to drop off or pick up your boat cover on Saturday mornings 9am to 12 noon by arrangement.

We also stock a variety of canopy accessories for the D.I.Y boaters amongst you . 

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