Traditional Rear Covers

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All weather cruising...

For all weather cruising , we can provide a bespoke fully collapsible Helm Shelter, either covering the hatch area only or why not take advantage of the extra room by extending over the sides of your trad-stern boat. 

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Quality is standard!

Quality is standard and longevity is our aim with all our bespoke fitted boat covers. All wear points are reinforced to prevent wear through. Our edges are bound where appropriate to prevent tearing . Why not choose a different colour to edge your new cover in , after all it’s included in the price!!

We will only buy products to manufacture your cover from the leading supplier of marine performance materials. Heavy duty zips are used with twin tab pullers and would be double stitched for strength and neatly finished off with a zip cover to keep out the weather.

All our windows are made from a 20 Thou pvc and have 2 lines of stitching for durability.

Window covers are usually on the outside of the window and come with turn button fittings so the window cover can be easily undone and rolled up with the provided straps.

Which Traditional Rear Cover is right for your boat?

Depending on your needs, we can offer bespoke covers for the rear of your Traditional narrow boat . We manufacture rear door covers that come approximately 6 inches over the hatch , completely over the hatch and completely cover the hatch and runners.

Alternatively you may decide on a raised framed helm shelter which encloses the hatch area enabling you to cruise why staying dry in the rain , or maybe you would like more room by choosing a large helm shelter which encloses the handrails too and comes over the sides of the boat.

  • Are you getting draughts through the rear doors?
  • Is rain water getting through the hatch travelling down the runners?
  • Do you want a cover to stand up in whilst steering your Traditional narrowboat in the rain? Maybe more room by opting for a large helm shelter!


AJ Canopies will always help with repairs , and would usually ask for the repair to be bought to our unit where it would be worked on . 

Can’t make it in the week?
No problem!

Our bespoke boat cover repair service allows you to drop off or pick up your boat cover on Saturday mornings 9am to 12 noon by arrangement.

We also stock a variety of canopy accessories for the D.I.Y boaters amongst you . 

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